Feature Film | 2013 | 86 minutes


Young actress Mabelle fails at her last scene. Her growing mental confusion  begins to affect the other crew members too, until everybody sees their  reality endangered. Many questions arise in Mabelles head, which she  can't solve all by herself. But who can answer, where acting ends and  real life begins? And is there ever "off camera" with the constant eye  of a camera in the room?
She realizes that these thoughts have a  strong impact on reality. Nevertheless the crew of five tries to live,  love and work together. But suddenly the camera reveals odd things, that change everyone's perception of who they thought to be.


Five art students from Munich and Berlin wanted to demonstrate themselves  and the world, that creating a high quality feature-length movie is even possible without the background and support provided through film  schools and heavy funding. With the aim to manage every step of the  production themselves, the movie UNGLEICH was finally born. Filmed in a desolate location near Berlin, Germany, the crew members improvised  their lines to give the film a more authentic feeling.