Limbo Weeks

in cooperation with Fabian Vogler
stop motion animation   |   2017   |   8.09 minutes

Limbo Weeks is a Matryoshka doll puppet of a film. Layers inside layers, mothers hidden inside mothers, giving birth to even younger mothers, the sculptural themes are like interwoven skins of a slowly peeling onion. Bianca Kennedy stages the plaster and bronze figures of sculptor Fabian Vogler inside intricately detailed miniature sets, depicting a very peculiar state of human development: The short time frame of seven weeks, where nature hasn't decided on a specific gender for its fetus yet. In this state of blissful limbo the characters try to influence their own destiny through changing the water temperature of the bathing mother or playing with the wheel of evolutionary fortune. Several feti's journeys are being depicted, as they fight their way out of wombs, lose themselves in ritualistic dances and finally shed their golden skin, before reattaching to the severed navel string. Limbo Weeks combines colorful handmade rooms and unique sculptures with ambiguous genders, illuminating the fact, that everybody is the result of cosmic coincidence and fate.